Fender Telecaster Pickups

When it comes to guitars, you can't go wrong with Fender. Not only that it is one of the first solid - body electric guitars sold commercially, it also has a tone of its own. Each fender guitar has its own "Flavor" and it picking up which model should you play depends heavily on your preference. Before we go on discussing fender telecaster pickups, let me tell you a brief intro about Fender.

Fender Telecaster Pickups

1940 marks the decade in which the solid - body guitars came into commercial production and one of the brands that grew up to this day as one of the most successful and most popular guitar brand. And when it comes to the models of Fender Electric guitars, there is one that stands out among the rest, that's my opinion though. The Fender Telecaster is a thing of beauty. From the tone to the looks, it's perfect and it's everything that a blues guitar player needs. Fender Telecaster pickups is consisted of a single - coil pick up on the neck and a single coil on the bridge which is slanted slightly. This makes the distinct and unique tone of the telecaster. However, there are also other telecasters that have different pickup combination that includes a Humbucker on the bridge side and a single coil on the neck or the HS, a Humbucker on the bridge and a Humbucker on the neck or the HH and a Humbucker on the bridge, a single coil on the neck and a Humbucker on the neck part or HSH.

There are lots of different brands and models for the Fender Telecaster Pickups. Some of them include the vintage noiseless tele - pickups that were used in the 60's but re - issues are also available today. Also a special line of pickup brands are the Seymour -Duncan, a company that produces an elite line of pickups, and Fenders are the one who usually uses them. They make quite a great tandem when it comes to guitars and pickups.

When it comes to Fender Telecaster Pickups, there are no words to describe except for the term "vintage". Its vintage tone, the very tone that defined it way back in its conception is the basis for every electric guitar driven blues or rock and roll tone that we have today. That is why it's very difficult for mankind to forget about this guitar; the very guitar that changed everything. It's a part of history that is still sought after until now because of its uniqueness. You can't find that very same tonal quality of the fender telecaster on any guitar nowadays. This is primarily the reason why vintage guitars are pretty much more expensive than the new ones. It is simply because of the rarity of the tone that it produces. When you look at it on a certain perspective, it's all about the tone. And what else produces that tone? It's the wood that was used, the amplifier, and the guitar's pick up. This makes the fender telecaster pickup so special.

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