Choosing the Best Electric Guitar For Beginners

If you are thinking of buying an electric guitar for yourself, it may get a little confusing as you consider the various options available. Many who are just about to embark on a guitar playing hobby think that the best guitar to buy for a beginner is an acoustic guitar. The truth is electric guitars are actually easier to play because they don't require firm picking the way acoustic guitars do.

Choosing the Best Electric Guitar For Beginners

Electric or Acoustic Guitars?

Electric guitars usually have smaller bodies, thinner necks and have lighter strings. These factors make them easier to play, because even a light touch can create beautiful sound. Acoustic guitars are often made of heavier wood, the strings are also heavier and need more pressure to vibrate.

Although electric guitars are often more expensive than acoustic ones, they are usually worth the extra dollars invested, especially if you dream of becoming a professional musician. However, many musicians have excelled in using both types of guitars, as their desire to learn both grow through time.

Tips On Buying A Beginner Guitar

As you look for the best guitar for a beginner, remember that you have to choose one that you would be excited to play with. It should be light enough for you player to carry; the guitar neck have the right dimensions, enough to fit your hands. Check the pickups used, ask questions about what pickups are best for the sound and timbre you want to create.

Try playing the guitar. Get a feel for how the guitar would sound like by simply plucking a string. A well-fashioned guitar should cause a vibration in the wood once you pluck the string, and that vibration should last for a couple of seconds.

For beginners, it is not really wise to spend thousands of dollars with a guitar that's meant for professional players. At the same time, you would not really want to sacrifice quality and settle for the lowest priced guitars. Just because it only costs $50 doesn't mean it's the best buy! It is really a balance between quality and price. This is where research matters a lot, so that you could make the right choice for a first guitar.

You can find many online stores for guitars where you can find the best such as Gibson and Fender electric guitars. There are many more advises and tips you could read from these websites that could help you decide which is the best beginner guitar for you.

Most important of all, do not get talked into buying the most expensive electric guitars, thinking that high end instruments create great musicians. Remember that practice makes perfect and what really counts is how you develop your talents and skills in playing.

Do your research and know more about the best electric guitars and why Fender electric guitars are the top choices of beginners.

by Megan Y. Collins; Tuesday, April 3, 2012 @ 09:18 PM [3473]

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History of the Electric Guitar - Music Technology

History of the Electric Guitar - Music Technology

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