Can I Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar on My Own?

There are plenty of people who have picked up a guitar and after a few weeks quit practicing because they expected it to be easy. I don't want to put you off playing the guitar as it is a great instrument to learn and will reward you if you stick with it. The reason people quit is they feel they're not making any progress and it can feel that way sometimes. When you first start playing the guitar you will be using muscles in the fingers you have never used before and it takes time to build these muscles up with practice. The first couple of months can be the hardest as your fingers will be sore if you are practicing every day. The soreness will pass as you build up calluses on the fingers and pressing those strings down will not be painful anymore.

can i learn how to play acoustic guitar on my own

It will benefit you greatly if you have lessons with a teacher when you first start playing. A good teacher will help you to hold the guitar and hold your posture correctly. They will show you how to position your hand on the fret board and help with your strumming technique. This can be learned from home study courses but will take you a lot longer than using a good teacher. Once you are comfortable with the guitar and have a good strumming technique you can move on to self study.

Everyone has to start somewhere right, even the greats had to learn from scratch. The main thing is to have a good practice routine and stick to it. This will benefit you greatly and you will see leaps in your playing ability. You should be aiming to practice everyday for about an hour but if you don't have that much time even twenty minutes of practice will benefit you. Try to have a simple routine set up for your practice sessions and stick to it. A simple practice session should consist of a few finger exercises to get the fingers warmed up and ready. Once you have warmed up practice a song you have been learning then you can spend some time learning a new song. Try to break up your practice sessions into smaller chunks of learning as this will help also. There's nothing worse than playing the same song on the guitar for an hour and feeling you haven't improved any. Stick with it and you will improve with practice.

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