Best Johnny Cash Songs

Johnny Cash is a musical legend that will live on forever. Almost everyone has heard about "The Man in Black" and many of his songs are still played today. The dark attire he wore on stage earned him this nickname and his deep voice could never be mistaken for anyone else's. His personal traits enhanced his music and added to his popularity.

He had a unique personality that integrated a serious and humble manner with a rebellious side that made him stand out from all other signers in the 20th century. His songs often revolved around the less fortunate and some were very sad in nature. However, many of them reflected a dark side with a hint of humor that helped to make Jonny Cash famous.

His music reflected so many different feelings that his songs appealed to all types of listeners. Many believed that he spent much time in prison due to the content of some of his songs but he actually only spent short periods behind bars. However, he often visited prisons to sing for inmates for whom he felt compassion.

Here are a 10 of the best Johnny Cash songs that are still popular today:

  1. I Walk the Line- Recorded in 1956, this song spent six weeks as number one on the country music charts and it even made number 19 on the pop music charts. In 2004, it was ranked number 30 on the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" list created by the Rolling Stone magazine.
  2. Folsom Prison Blues- This song was first recorded in 1955 but the famous "Live" version was recorded in California at Folsom State Prison in 1968.
  3. Cry! Cry! Cry! - Released in 1955, this song entered the music charts at number 14. It sold over 100,000 copies and earned Cash a featured spot on "the Louisiana Hayride Tour", which jump-started his career.
  4. So Doggone Lonesome- Recorded in 1955, Cash wrote this song as a tribute to Ernest Tubb, whom he admired greatly.
  5. A Boy Named Sue- In 1962, this one spent three weeks at the number 2 spot on the "Billboard Hot 100" chart and it also made the top of the charts for "Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks" and "Hot Country Songs".
  6. Get Rhythm- This song was recorded in 1956 and it's believed that it was written for Elvis Presley. It's one of his most upbeat songs that centers abound optimism.
  7. Big River- Released in 1958 it hit number 4 on the Billboard Country Music charts and remained on the charts for fourteen weeks.
  8. Hey Porter- Recorded in 1954 and released in 1955, Cash wrote this song as he was returning home after spending four years in the US Air Force.
  9. Man In Black- In a sense, this song was an explanation of why Cash wore black when he was performing and it was released in 1971 as part of an album with the same name.
  10. Ring of Fire- Recorded in 1963, it stayed on the charts for seven weeks as number one and was the biggest hit of his career.

Johnny Cash had many more hits that are memorable. Whenever he appeared before an audience he always made his introduction with the phrase "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" and then he would go straight into a song. Johnny Cash will always be remembered as one of the most influential musicians of his time.

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