Are You a Guitar Player or a Musician?

When you first discover guitar and get into it you may be limiting yourself from your true potential right off the bat. Think about some of the greatest guitar players today like Tommy Emmanuel.

This man has no limits. Of course he is a guitar player but he is also a very good musician. He writes songs. He comes up with his own original takes on songs he listens to. He makes music so therefore he is a musician.

Are You a Guitar Player or a Musician?

The point I am trying to make is why limit yourself to just a guitar player? Think of yourself as a musician. Even if you play guitar only you can think of yourself as more than a guy who plays the most common rock riffs. Spread your wings. Develop your own unique taste for music.

Do you think that the greats just listened to the most famous musical artists in their genre? Guys like Jimmy Page were not just into bluesy guitar players like Robert Johnson. He was also very much into classical guitar.

Or better yet think of guys who use different techniques to play the guitar. Some guys use finger tapping to get a different sound. Some guys can play the notes of the bassline, drums, and vocals all just by using their guitar.

So why limit yourself as a player who only plays a few chords when you have the whole world of music to explore? There is no limit. Music is infinite.

Many guitar players give up or lose interest because they got bored with practicing the basics like chords and scales. Although it is important to have discipline to practice the basics over and over again you should visualize playing more complex and beautiful pieces of music.

Don't get me wrong you should be focused on learning and mastering the basics of guitar. Listen to more simple chord progressions and develop your rhythm before getting fancy with hammer-ons and slides. Your fingers will have to get used to being pressed down on the strings and forming difficult chord structures.

But at the same time you need to keep challenging yourself to progress even further. You should never get bored with guitar. If you find yourself getting bored then listen or watch an impressive performance by a guitar player.

Listen to a different style. Maybe you are obsessed with fingerstyle guitar so you should listen to blues or jazz guitar. After all it is all music. Heck you should even listen to other instruments like the violin or the piano. Try playing along to a classical piano piece.

Learn to play guitar by ear. Discover guitar theory and study the fretboard so you will find it easier to stay in key when you are playing along with a song.

These should help you get out of your slump if you ever find yourself in one.

To learn and master guitar you can learn with a quality guitar lessons course such as Jamorama. Aslo if you enjoyed this article be sure to read my post on guitar theory.

by Paul Valentino; Thursday, October 20, 2011 @ 11:51 PM [13344]

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