Acoustic Electric Guitar Amplifier Zaps Unsuspecting Audience

The most well known and popular instrument in the world is the guitar. All kinds of musical styles are available to the guitarist with imagination. While Rock and Roll is the mainstay of the guitar world, let's not forget country, blues or classical.

There are three basic designs - standard acoustic guitar, electric acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

An acoustic guitar is basically a hollow box with a hole in it that vibrates and introduces sound when the strings are plucked. An electric guitar uses thinner (lighter gauge) strings and has pickups (small microphones) that pick up the sound and send it to an amplifier where the sound can be adjusted up or down and run thru various phase pedals to give it increased sound and effect, such as the distinct sound of your favorite rock band or guitar superstars.

acoustic electric guitar amplifier

An electric acoustic guitar provides the best of both worlds. It can be played without amplification, you know, like when you're playing around a campfire on the beach, or sitting around the backyard with some friends just playing or singing a few songs. Or you can punch it up and add a little electricity that zaps unsuspecting audience members attention and increases your performance energy.

An acoustic electric guitar has a small pickup system mounted inside the guitar, usually under the bridge. This is commonly a piezo ceramic or magnetic pickup. There are also several models of sound hole mounted pickups that are easily mounted and removed as needed. The real beauty of these sound hole mounted pickups is they do not affect the integrity of the guitar's original value by altering its original design. Whether you want to play an intimate coffee lounge gig or a small tavern, you can see you will be able to adjust your sound as necessary, no matter what.

By now it must be obvious to you that if you're going to play an electric acoustic guitar you are probably going to need some type of an amplifying system. After all, isn't that the point.

Let's not get confused with the difference between the two types of guitar amplifiers. They both have their place.

Let's learn guitar amplifier basics first.

This amp is specifically made to capture the brilliance and nuance of the acoustic guitar. If you have ever experienced the ringing tones of a vintage guitar you'll know what I mean.

An acoustic guitar amplifier is usually made to much stricter specifications than a regular electric guitar amplifier. So you can really zap your audience with that extra punch to fill the room with your music.

The amplifier must faithfully reproduce all the original sound plus the audible harmonics of the guitar. On the other hand, a regular electric guitar has the primary purpose of being able to adjust the volume and tone for producing the various sounds desired.

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History of the Electric Guitar - Music Technology

History of the Electric Guitar - Music Technology

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