5 Top-Rated Guitar Accessories Any Guitarist Can Use

Guitar players always seem to be on the lookout for some new book, gadget, item, or other piece of equipment. I think that's because, as musicians, we have a desire to sound good, look cool, and be able to develop our skills to the best of our ability. Having the right equipment is important because it enables us to do just that.

5 Top Rated Guitar Accessories Any Guitarist Can Use

So, I've created a list of the 5 top-rated guitar accessories that every guitarist can use. These items are relatively inexpensive and make excellent gifts too...



There are basically two types of capos- those that clamp on and those that have a band which wraps around the neck. The second type mentioned either has an elastic band that stretches tight, or a web type material which locks in place. Both types of capos have a flat surface (usually rubber) that lays across the top of the guitar strings. There is also another type of capo that has recently been designed to facilitate open tunings.

  • Shubb Capo - I have tried other capos, but this is the one I prefer. It was designed for steel-string acoustic guitars and electric guitars, but I also use it on my classical guitars. Very simple, fast and easy to use. It is also very stable so the strings will stay in tune.

Gig Bag / Guitar Case

A "gig bag" is a soft shell guitar case as opposed to a hard shell case. Soft shell cases have been greatly improved in recent years and now provide better protection than they used to because the materials are much stronger. These cases are a good choice for anyone who is on a limited budget. However, they will not protect the guitar from damage due to dropping or being knocked around as well as a hard shell case would.

  • World Tour's Deluxe 20mm Series Gig Bag - This is a top-of-the-line, professional quality bag. It is designed and built for the rigors of the road with twenty mm of high-density padding on all sides and covered with a water resistant, PVC-backed Cordura exterior material. The interior is a fine scratch-proof Cordura.
  • Gator GCELEC Deluxe Molded Universal Electric Guitar Case - Made of rugged ABS construction to handle the battle of the road, yet the interior is fitted with "Class A" plush. The case is also lockable and features a bolt-thru system, which bonds the exterior to the interior at the handle.
  • Gator GC-Dread Deluxe Molded Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case - The Gator GC-Dread uses ABS construction and offers great protection for your guitar. It's also lockable and features the patent pending bolt-thru system which bonds the interior to the exterior at the handle. The case has a Class A plush interior, plus an accessory pocket, for your capo, extra strings, tuner, picks, etc.


Tuners come in all shapes and sizes, everything from a simple tuning fork to a real time virtual strobe technological device will get the job done. My first guitar tuner was a pitch pipe, which I still have and sometimes use. One thing that I've noticed about a pitch pipe though, is that some guitar students can't match the pitch pipe tone to their strings! They discover that it's much easier to tune their guitar with my digital chromatic tuner because the needle automatically tells them when the string is at the correct pitch.

  • Korg TM 40 Chromatic Tuner and Metronome - This is a great guitar accessory because you get both a metronome and a tuner in one unit. The TM 40 "...provides quick and accurate coverage of a wide spectrum of notes and pitches..." and is the perfect practice tool for any musician, especially the beginner guitarist.

Guitar Maintenance Kit

There are only two things you really need in order to clean your guitar... a cleaning cloth and guitar polish. These items are inexpensive and can be purchased at your local music store. You do not want to use household furnisher polish or oil products. I once had a student who used Neat's Foot Oil to clean and "condition" his guitar neck. Needless to say, his new strings were ruined.

  • Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit- The kit contains 5 bottles of Dunlop's guitar care products along with instructions, a microfine fret polishing cloth and two 100% cotton cloths. This guitar maintenance kit is a good choice for any guitar player who wants to keep their instrument in tip-top condition.

Guitar Strings

It's a good idea to stay away from cheap guitar strings simply because they break and don't sound good for very long. You will actually save money by investing in better quality strings. It's generally safe to stick with brand names you recognize like: Martin, D'Addario, Fender, Guild, LaBella, GHS...

  • Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar Strings - These are the strings I've been using on my steel string acoustic guitar lately. They produce a nice, bright sound and have a tendency to last longer, so you save money in the long run by not having to buy strings as often. Their patented coating technology prevents contamination and corrosion.
  • Darco Electric Guitar Strings (12 Pack) - Designed for rock and jazz by the C.F Martin company, these strings offer quality, durability, & cost savings all in one neat little package. The nickel plating provides great tarnish resistance and is a perfect complement to magnetic pickups.

Guitar accessories and more are available at: Guitar Gift Ideas

Kathy Unruh began playing guitar more than 35 years ago and has over 25 years experience as a guitar teacher. You can try one of her free beginner guitar lessons at: ABC Learn Guitar.com.

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