Learn How to Play Like Jimi Hendrix
Learn How to Play Like Jimi Hendrix

This article will help you understand how to play like Jimi without even touching your guitar. Learn about the essence of playing like Jimi Hendrix in a story by Niki Buzz, former guitar player of Curtis Knight.

The Six Strings Of Rebellion
The Six Strings Of Rebellion

We all experience that indefinable urge to rebel during our teens, while most of us will grow out of it eventually, some never get over it. Even though the symbols of rebellion are many, however the one most teenagers relate best to is the Guitar!

What to Look for While Buying an...
What to Look for While Buying an Electric Guitar

All that you need to know before you buy an electric guitar and a bit about brands like Fender electric guitars and Gibson Electric Guitars is what this article is all about. It is an almost comprehensive guide to buy an electric guitar.

Beginners Guide to Teaching...
Beginners Guide to Teaching Yourself Classical Guitar

In any new learning endeavour, there will be obstacles that you will need to overcome, and learning to play the classical guitar is no different. By just having the right learning material is only half of the equation, the other half of the...

Jerry Lee Lewis: Rock and Roll...
Jerry Lee Lewis: Rock and Roll Singer, Pianist, and One of the Legendary Founders of Rock and Roll

Jerry Lee Lewis' career is a storied example of an artist who had something brewing in him as to what his vision was of Rock and Roll music. Dick Clark has called him one of the Founding Fathers of Rock and Roll and Sam Phillips of Sun Records...

Learning How to Play Gospel Piano
Learning How to Play Gospel Piano

Gospel music is a type of music that Christians generally play for commercial purposes, worship and also pleasure. Piano is actually one of the fundamental musical instruments in many gospel bands and those who would like to learn the secrets...

What You Should Learn From Your...
What You Should Learn From Your First Flute Lessons

This article will give you an insight into what you should expect from your first few flute lesson. Topics covered include an introduction playing the flute and understanding basic music theory.

How to Find a Clarinet Teacher?
How to Find a Clarinet Teacher?

This article covers a number of topics that you should consider when trying to find a clarinet teacher. The principles mentioned within this article can be applied to the sourcing of any musical teacher.

Violins of Italy: The Testore...
Violins of Italy: The Testore Family and the Great Violin Making Traditions

Italian violins from the 18t Century and earlier are very much sort after, commanding some very high prices for the top names. Some stand out more than others, most notably Stradivarius, Guanarius and Amati. After these and a few other Cremonese...

Oliver Sack's Musicophilia - Book Review

This is a book review of Oliver Sack's magnificent book Musicophilia. It highlights his experiences as a neurologist in the amazing field of music psychology.

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