The Best Guitarists Of All Time
The Best Guitarists Of All Time

 Coming up with a list of the best guitarists of all time can be a challenging task, as it is often quite subjective and taking into consideration that there are many genres to choose from such as blues, jazz, rock, funk and classical. 

5 Facts About The Legendary...
5 Facts About The Legendary Guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of the more influential guitar players of our lifetime and tragically he lost his life when in 1990, the helicopter he was in crashed into a ski slope in Wisconsin. His cds and his fantastic blues electric guitar playing...

Guitar Guide: How to Play...
Guitar Guide: How to Play Electric Guitar for Beginners

For many guitarists, they prefer the electric guitar because it offers lots of versatility over a conventional acoustic guitar, giving it the ability to be played across all types of genres. The versatility of guitar is owed to its electronic way...

Blues Guitarist Carolyn...
Blues Guitarist Carolyn Wonderland Follows Her Own Muse

The marriage of blues guitarist Carolyn Wonderland and writer/comedian A. Whitney Brown officiated by Michael Nesmith, former member of the Monkees, was the featured wedding in the New York Times Style section on Sunday, March 6.

Fender Telecaster Pickups
Fender Telecaster Pickups

When it comes to guitars, you can't go wrong with Fender. Not only that it is one of the first solid - body electric guitars sold commercially, it also has a tone of its own. Each fender guitar has its own "Flavor" and it picking up which model...

How to Find a Clarinet Teacher?

How to Find a Clarinet Teacher?

This article covers a number of topics that you should consider when trying to find a clarinet teacher. The principles mentioned within this article can be applied to the sourcing of any musical teacher.

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